Parish Pastoral Council

The parish pastoral council continuously develops and articulates a deep and mature understanding of the identity and purpose of the parish. It reflects the unique personality of the parish as it evolves, using the mission statement developed by the pastor and parishioners. The pastor and parish pastoral council strives to ensure that the parish is carrying out its stated mission and that the pastoral needs of the parish are met. These include Word, Worship, Community and Service. The pastor and council enable and encourage the broadest participation of parishioners in evangelizing, both within the parish and the larger community. It accepts the responsibility of hearing all voices in seeking to discern the will of God in the local community using scripture and the voice of the Church as their guide.

Quarterly council meetings are open to parishioners.

Council Members

Carole Birdsong, Polly Siemann, Louise Mitchell, Louise Stewart, Jennifer Humble, Scott Binder, Sam Zauber, Ryan Zauber (chair)

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