Youth ministry for our middle and high school teens.  This program includes all aspects of effective and engaging youth ministry–formation, service, spirituality and social.

Teens come together on select Wednesdays from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM at the Little White House on the Campus at St. Joseph (Buckroe) as well as other specified dates and locations on other Cluster Parish campuses and off-site. See schedule for more information.

We utilize the Journey to Emmaus curriculum, which was created by the Diocese of Arlington in accordance with the guidelines of the USCCB. It follows a spiral curriculum, revisiting each doctrinal element over the course of eight semesters. (We supplement as needed with other approved teen focused Catholic curriculums.)

Coupled with fulfilling their Sunday Obligation of attending Mass each Sunday and Youth Nights, we offer additional retreats, service projects and youth group activities throughout the year.

Youth Nights are not taught by individual catechists, but led by a Core Team of adults who are active in the life one of our parishes and work each week praying for the teens, connecting with them in a relational setting, and teaching the truth in a comfortable but content-filled program, as well as the Youth Leadership Team (post-Confirmation teens in 11th and 12th grade from our own Cluster Parishes) who assist in activities and leading small group discussions.

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