Pre-K-5th Grade Religious Education

Our goal for all of formation–pre-school through 12th grade is:

Hand on our Catholic faith to your children and young people, thereby allowing for them to foster a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ through the Church.

“Family of Faith” PK_5th Grade Formation—This program takes on the format of whole family catechesis (child/children and parent).   Our goal is to support the domestic church by empowering and supporting parents in handing on our Catholic faith to their children. Parents are the first and primary teachers of their children in the way of faith!

Formation for parents/adults is done in English and Spanish.  Each month there will be an ”Adult Meeting” to go over the specific plan for each month and to provide parents the necessary knowledge to teach their children. At the end of the month, there is a “Community Meeting” where the parents and their children come together and participate in activities with the other families in our parish.

This is not merely a program to educate children with Catechism memorization, it is a program to help children develop an authentic relationship with God through lived faith experience. It is designed to help children (and parents!) fall in love with our Lord through everyday faith practices.

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