Backdoor Ministry at St. Vincent de Paul

Please help. The Backdoor Ministry at St. Vincent de Paul relies heavily on numerous resources to obtain the food it uses to feed the 300 visitors it sees every week. Many of our partners are currently experiencing severe food shortages, and the Social Action Center staff is left struggling to find food on the morning it needs to prepare that day’s meals. As a result, we must ask for your assistance to continue this vital ministry that has defined the parish since the 1970s. If you can make a food donation, please reach out to Jeannie in the parish office at 757-245-4234. If you are able to make a monetary contribution, you may do so HERE, or mail your check to: St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church, P.O. Box 258, Newport News, VA 23607; please indicate Backdoor Ministry in the memo section. This is a difficult time for this ministry and we appreciate anything you can do to help. The people we serve don’t have many options for food or shelter, and we are working to provide them with a place to sit down in the shade and have a nutritious meal during this hot summer. God bless.
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